Web Based Credits

Amdec Online
AMDEC is an online Ontario Secondary School under the jurisdiction of the Avon Maitland District School Board. Using up-to-date software, dedicated and innovative teachers and an enthusiastic and qualified technical support team, a full-service online secondary school has been created that is open to students from around the world. The model is continuous entry that allows students to begin courses anytime between September and February. Students receive Ontario Secondary School credits, which count towards the requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. All courses are teacher moderated which ensures that students can get the help that they need to ensure their success in their studies. Our on-line education process is interactive; students have the opportunity to communicate with their teachers and their classmates through live chats, discussion boards and email communication. Guidance counsellors work with students to assist with education and career planning. If students have any questions about course requirements, prerequisites, post secondary applications or employment opportunities these teachers will provide answers or help the students to find the answers on their own. If you would like more information regarding our program, please don't hesitate to email at:

Mr. Ash
AMDEC Principal

Or visit the website at: http://amdec.ca/