Ontario Colleges Application Service:
The OCAS is the central organization that administrates applications to Ontario colleges. This site has a lot of useful information about applying to college, by program name or specific college, as well as an online application form.

Ontario College Web Sites:
This page lists all of Ontario's colleges and provides a link to the Web site of each.

This website is multi-purpose as it allows you to search by program or school, and also includes information about financing, including scholarships. Students can access a cost calculator and other useful budgeting tools that allow for the preparation and maintenance of a budget. Other useful features are creating a plan, and also tips on living while in school.  

Career Matters:
The strength of this site is its ability to search by career and then see a brief description of it with suggested high school courses and other useful information.  Note that all information like this needs to be checked against each school’s course calendar.

The homepage of the Ontario School Counsellors Association (OSCA) provides numerous links to information regarding education and careers in Canada.
An excellent resource for students applying to university, this site provides students with profiles of Canadian universities and scholarships.

Schools In Canada:
This site allows students to search for universities and colleges in each province by discipline. Brief descriptions of each institution are provided including web links to each school

Ontario Ministry of Education:
This government site incorporates many useful aspects of preparing to go to college.  It also includes an overview of the process, and maps of college locations, for example.

You can use this site for functions mentioned above in the other sites, but this address allows a search by program through distance education.

Ontario College-University Transfer Guide:
This site can help you find out how to transfer credits between colleges and universities, as well as, detail some of the collaborative programs between colleges and universities.